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Due to fascinating discoveries and technological improvements in the medical field, many Americans are living much longer. With the attainment of older age come various medical, social and economic challenges. Medical issues such as Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, arthritis, cancer and various hearing and visual impairments are among the more common challenges that our elderly citizens must face. Social issues such as adequate and dependable caregiving, housing for the elderly and age and disability discrimination are prevalent in our society. In addition, economic issues such as the affordability of spiraling medical costs, the availability of medical assistance financing and the importance of retirement planning always challenge the elderly citizen.

The Law Offices of David Charous, Ltd. can assist the elderly client in confronting these challenges. The following are areas in which we can assist:

  • Planning for incapacity through the use of advance directives such as Powers of Attorney for Personal Property and Powers of Attorney for Health Care.

  • Planning for incapacity through the use of Guardianships and Conservatorships.

  • Planning for long term care financing through qualification with Medicaid and other medical assistance programs.

  • Choosing the most beneficial long-term care and residential living facilities depending on client needs.

  • Creation of Supplemental Needs Trusts for the benefit of a loved one receiving Medicaid assistance or other government assistance due to a disability.

  • Preparation of Revocable Living Trusts and Last Wills and Testaments to be used to dispose and distribute property after death.

  • Planning for retirement distributions from Individual Retirement Accounts and qualified pension and profit-sharing plans.

  • Income tax planning, including the advising of tax benefits available for the senior citizen.

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