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Estate planning is for everyone! There is a misconception in our society that only the affluent need estate planning services. While the more affluent client may need more estate tax planning, non-tax related issues such as 1) probate avoidance; 2) planning for incapacity; 3) proper use of advance directives; 4) proper disposition of estate assets; 5) the handling of family disputes; and 6) asset protection issues, must be addressed in every estate, no matter how large or small.

Our firm provides a wide range of estate planning services. From the most basic estate plan for smaller and modest size estates to more sophisticated estate tax planning techniques for clients of significant wealth, we believe we can assist you in fulfilling all of your estate planning goals. Some of our planning strategies include the following:

  • The creation and implementation of Family Trusts and spousal Marital Trusts intended to reduce or even eliminate federal and state estate taxes.

  • The creation and implementation of Revocable Living Trusts for unmarried clients which are intended to provide for successor trustees in the event of the client’s subsequent disability.

  • The creation and implementation of trusts designed to receive inheritances for minor children and individuals with disabilities.

  • The creation and implementation of Irrevocable Insurance Trusts to provide liquidity with which to fund estate tax liabilities.

  • The establishment of various types of Gift Trusts (for the benefit of children, grandchildren or other family members) intended to receive assets as part of a comprehensive estate plan to shift family wealth to younger family members.

  • The structuring of closely-held business interests to minimize federal estate taxes and to achieve business succession planning goals.

  • Sales of closely held business interests to properly structured trusts in order to “freeze” the value of the business owner’s assets for federal estate tax purposes.

  • The structuring of trusts for second-generation beneficiaries designed to avoid the imposition of the dreaded generation-skipping tax.

Our commitment to superior customer service and support, together with our individualized approach and extensive knowledge and experience, have encouraged our clients to keep returning to us, and to refer members of their families and their friends to us. We would be happy to meet with you to discuss how our estate planning services can benefit you.

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